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Taxis are crazy cheap in Tunis, where they are all metered. From the downtown to the airport, it’s about 6-8 dirham, and from the Bardo to Carthage it’s 12-14 dirham. Sometimes they’re all full, and they’re hard to find at night but just be patient.

No one tells you that the Carthage archeological park is actually a combination of 6 sites, so keep your taxi if you can. Otherwise the walk in between each is at least 10-15 min, and the Tophet is pretty far.

If you can’t find a taxi back to Tunis, then just hop on the TGM, and take it back to Tunis Port, where there we are taxi’s aplenty.

Sunset around Sidi Bou Said, where all the wealthy and expats live is really nice. Some of the more notable cafes are Cafe Des Delices and Cafe Nattes.

There are also a number of gorgeous boutique hotels to stay around here such as Dar Said and La Villa Bleue.


Djerba is a lovely sleepy town in the south of the country. I really enjoyed wandering around the Houmt Souk, and finding these beautiful pieces of graffiti all over the place. I found a little cafe called Bacca and just sat there people watching for a while. The rugs are much reasonably priced here, since it was a small town. You can get a pretty sizable Berber rug for 150 dinars ($50).

If you’re into Star Wars, you can also go to the Matmata for a day trip, and go visit the troglodyte dwellings. You may also pass Ksar guiliane, which is a natural oasis, which you can swim in, but it’s kind of dingy.

Tozeur is another beautiful oasis, with a really lovely old Médina to wander through. I would recommend you stay at Hotel Ksar Rouge Tozeur.

From Tozeur you can go to Douz, the gateway to the Sahara, which mostly involves deserty things like camels and falcons. I don’t love riding camels, as it’s quite uncomfortable but at least they’re adorable to take photos with.