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    I am obsessed with making things happen. I am a brand builder, an aggressive project manager and a passionate network architect. After 3 years of my own ventures, I am applying my entrepreneurial spirit in structured corporate environments, with resources where I can make a deeper impact. I am currently based 1/2 in Nairobi, 1/4 in London, and 1/4 in Shanghai.


    My first passion is women's spiritual and professional empowerment. I am currently the Executive Director of Phoenix Risen, a global platform bringing men and women together to combat sexual violation. I have consulted for many grassroots organizations in China including World Academy for the Future of Women, Badi Foundation and Eden Ministry. In addition, I founded the League of Extraordinary Women and we have collaborated with Lean In and IPWS, among other organizations to address young women's challenges in Shanghai.


    My second passion is global connectivity. I founded the China Africa Tech Initiative to help build peer to peer mentoring, and greater knowledge/technology transfer. As the Outgoing Curator of the Global Shapers Shanghai II Hub, a multi-stakeholder community by the World Economic Forum, I have the opportunity to meet young leaders from 500 different cities.


    My third passion is communicating complex technologies into powerful and executable brand narratives, in the realm of IoT, FinTech, Health Tech and SaaS.


    I believe that curiosity in large doses is the most important trait anyone can have. With curiosity comes passion, resourcefulness and bravery. With curiosity comes innovation.


    Find me on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram.

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    Crypto-native Venture Capital and Market-Maker

    Caladan trades over $2b a day on 70+ centralised and decentralised exchanges. Our venture focus is on infrastructure, DeFi, custody, security, and exchanges.

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    UK Investing-As-A-Service Wealthtech

    Velexa’s investing technology platform empowers financial institutions, and disruptive players to capitalise on the demand for modern and ubiquitous investing solutions by new-generation investors.

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    Death Doula

    NEDA Certified, Trained by Going with Grace

    I am passionate about supporting individuals and families going through death, dying, and transition. I work globally virtually, and provide in-home services in Singapore.

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    Yoga Teacher

    200 Hour Yoga Alliance Certified

    I work with newcomers to yoga, focused on alignment and increasing flexiblity through active stressing. I am completing my 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training with The Practice in Bali.

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    Platform to Combat Sexual Assault

    By empathizing with the experience of both sexes people can create meaningful social change towards the end of sexual violation. To this end, we host empathy workshops, corporate trainings, and advise on sexual harassment policies.

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