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Bosnia & herzegovina

One day itinerary to Mostar and Kravaic Falls from Dubrovnik

Medjurera isn’t really worth if unless you’re catholic. Considering this is the location of a one-time apparition, it makes sense that there isn’t much to see now. In actuality, the pope doesn't even recognize it.

I actually really loved Mostar, despite its really horrific history, and central part of the Bosnian War 1991-1995. Its kind of random and filled with little gems. For example, did you know because the country has 3 presidents (Croatian, Serbian, and Bosnian) and they couldn’t agree on who to make a statue of, so instead they put Bruce Lee in the park instead. How insane and hilarious is that?

The Cevapi, which are their traditional beef (or chicken) sausages, with pita, are actually SO delicious. It is also super cheap— only 5 euros for an entire plate! Our favorite restaurant was Restaurant Europa, which has a great view of the bridge.

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The bridge is absolutely gorgeous, and you can even watch people dive off it, if they can collect 20 euros form the watching audience. It lasts only 4 seconds, but totally worth it. Young men used to do it for the ladies to prove their manliness.

It annoyed me a little that you couldn’t bargain at the little chochky stores, but apparently the wares are already cheaper than in Croatia. I didn't find anything that interesting though.