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Taobao Queen

My top 9 favorite taobao stores that I shop from all the time

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HaoDuoYi (Basically Knockoff Asos)

  • Great for basics, clubbing dresses, and has a great return policies. However, quality fluctuation between pieces can be pretty big.
  • 30-50 RMB for tops, 80-100 for dresses 
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娜娜美丽泳衣店 (Best Swimsuits Ever)

  • I’m a bikini lush, so I buy so many of these! Sizes do run small though
  • 30-50 RMB per bikini 
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SMA (Oversize Sweaters):

  • Good material that doesn’t pill, easy returns
  • About 100 RMB per sweater
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懒兔的健身时光 (Workout Clothes)

  • 50-70 for a bra, about 100 RMB for leggings 
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W1962 (Mugs and Home Decor)

  • Henri Bendel style gold and ceramic mugs,   
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一岛 (Cell Phone Accessories):

  • From marble laptop cases to emoticon chargers
  • 30 RMB for a phone case, 60-100 for larger electronics cases 

小贝家居百货批发 (Taobao Dollar Store)

  • Everything you need for you home, from kitchen accessories to q-tips. Free shipping so load up!
  • 1-5 RMB for everything 
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糖糖复古名媛殿 (Clubbing/Beach Dresses):

  • Let your hair down! Cheap dresses for going out and beach wear. Quality is not that great, but most of these are a couple wears only 
  • 50-100 RMB per outfit 
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M Queen (Work Dresses)

  • Great quality for the price, and very professional but pretty styles 
  • Dresses are 150-200 RMB Each