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Theres a typical 12 stop tour through Bohol, that costs about 1750 PHP per day for each person. The butterfly garden, manmade forest and Church are definitely passes for me. The Blood Compact itself is not very exciting, but the view is nice. The lunch cruise is mediocre at best, but there’s a bit of Pinoy kitsch with the performances. ATV-ing through Chocolate hills is 450 PHP for 30 min, but it ends up being more of a photoshoot than an actual adventure ride. The viewpoint is beautiful and you can get to take in the full breadth of all that is Chocolate Hills. The tarsiers are amazing— tiny bug eating Yoda’s. Contact Annabelle at

Looking for a chill beach day? SouthPalms Resort in Panglao has great local and healthy food, unicorn floaties and a great beach. They even have my favorite white zinfandel from Beringer, sweet and light for day drinking.

We went early morning free diving with the sardines right off Panglao, and it was the most incredible thing I’ve ever seen— a huge unbroken wall of fish that flashes with every angle of the sun. The preserve that we dove in is a bit of a secret— contact me if you want the location.

Even if you don’t dive, you should go snorkeling around Balisacag— we saw 8 turtles in about 45 min, just grazing on the bottom of the ocean. So amazing! Even the reefs close the

The fireflies were also pretty incredible— in pitch darkness they float and group together like one massive organism— something out of a Studio Ghibili movie, super romantic.

You can rent your own motorbikes, or most tutkuks charge you about 100 PHP around the island.

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