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Osaka, in my opinion is just a big city that's not interesting, so have one late night in Dontobori and then take the train to Kyoto. Kyoto has 17 UNESCO sites, so it's well spent time there.
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Trains to Kyoto leave about every 5 min, and takes 30 min. Easiest way to get around Kyoto is by bike, but you can also take the subway and buses to most places. Store your bags in the locker at the station (but make sure you remember which set of lockers you used), and find a place to stay close to Kyoto Station. We stayed at this traditional Ryokan which is owned by this tiny Japanese lady owns a kimono studio, which a fantastic experience. Screen Hotel is also a beautiful boutique hotel, where different designers have designed each studio.
Kinkaku-Ji: The golden temple is a bit overrated in my book, but good to take a couple photos by. Closes at 5pm, but the earlier you get there in the morning at 9 am the fewer the people.
Imperial Palace: You need to be a with a guided tour to go inside the imperial place (not available on Sat and Sun)-- you can reserve them online up to 4 days before (but recommended 2 weeks), or go directly to the palace (get off exit 3 at Imadegawa station) to see if you can get a tour for the next day (you can usually get on the 2 pm tour the next day and the 10 am tour if you're early). The grounds are kind of boring without the tour.
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Nijo Castle: About 15 min walk from Imperial Palace. The grounds close at 5 pm, but the inside of Ninomaru palace close at 4 pm, so make sure you get there at 3:30. Really beautiful screen paintings!
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Sunset at Kiyomeza-dera
For an extra level of kitsch, you can rent kimonos to take photos in the shops on the way up. Walk past the main orange shrine and make a right to find a little niche for the best view of the sunset. Spend some time visiting the array of shops walking down, and take a taxi and the foot of the mountain directory to Gion, for dinner and drinks.
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Fushimi Inari-taisha: Shrine with the red gates that are dedicated to different people. Always open, but earlier means fewer crowds. Take the local 普通 Nara train from Kyoto Station two stops to Inari (about 15 min). Avoid the urge to take tons of photos as soon as you see the red gates because there are a lot of people at the entrance, but the gates go up all the way the mountain so there's plenty of photo opps.
You can continue on to Nara to go the deer park for a half day trip.
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