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10 Year Power Plan

(developed by Carol Buck Luce, with my business partner Diana's adaptations)

CBL was in corporate sector working for E&Y at 51. She has been making 10 year plans since 11 years old. When she was 51 she decided she wanted to be recognized as world leader and expert in women leadership. She is now founder of healthcare portfolio in Ernst & Young, which is one of the largest in world, professor at Columbia on women leadership, nominated to be board director of large foundations.

Power Plan:

  1. Declare your purpose. (Some questions to help you think through your purpose-- Why are you on the planet? What are you good at? What do you enjoy? What would be the biggest impact you could have on this world with this skill set?)
  2. Envision a 10-year "destination": How do you want to be known in the world -- as a leader at home, at work and in the world -- in 10 years?
  3. What are 5 pillars of mastery that will lead you to this destination? (thoughts to consider: how will you be recognized for mastery of these pillars? What is your rubric for evaluating mastery?)
  4. Do an inventory of existing power (it's also interesting to look at how you define your power)
  5. Construct a two-year action plan on how you are going to increase your power and use your power intentionally to make progress on your purpose.

Additional Thoughts:
BREAK DOWN THE PILLARS | Each pillar can be broken up into 10 levels/steps. each level takes about a year, hence a 10 year plan.

3 KEY FOUNDATIONS | What key aspects do you want to maintain in your life through these 10 years? (e.g. faith family etc)

SUSTAINABILITY | At least 1 pillar of mastery should bring you a paycheck
FIND SPONSORS | CBL suggests 5 sponsors, 10 mentors, 100 strategic alliances.

  • SPONSORS | People more advanced than you in field with sufficient political capital to boost your position and nominate you. You are sponsor's protege, in exchange you are their informant and staunchest supporter.
  • MENTORS | Those who dispense advice, guide you 
  • STRATEGIC ALLIANCES | Peers, leaders of the future.