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Start off in the morning at Prague Castle before all the crowds come in. The walk up is nice, but taking the tram is super easy from either side of the river. In the Castle Compound, St. Vitus Cathedral is certainly the most impressive— look out for the stained glass Mucha Window. In Golden Alley, my favorite little house is the one belonging to Kafka, where he wrote The Country Doctor. On the way down, stop by Coffee in a Garden, for the breathtaking view and grab a Kingswood, my favorite Czech Cider. If you have time, go to Strahov Monastery close to Nový Svět, with their beautiful collection of old books and illuminated manuscripts.

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Walk over the Charles Bridge (but go back in the evening because it's the most beautiful) into Old Town, where you can see one of the world’s oldest astronomical clocks. Try to eavesdrop on a Tour Guide if you can, It’s very complicated and hard to read, but the stories around it are fun. On the hour, people start swarming the square to the animated figurines come out the clock. Grab an gelato or chimney donut from any of the street vendors!

Walk north to the old Jewish Cemetery, which has some fascinating fables and hard-lived history. Walk south to Cafe Slavia, a meeting spot for Czech dissidents, writers, artists and authors. Seriously one of my favorite spots in all of Prague to traditional Czech meal and gaze upon the famous Viktor Oliva “Absinthe Drinker” painting.

Slightly out of the way, but two more crazy places in Prague: The Dancing House and the Bone Church.