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Masai Market

The market moves around the city on different days of the week, typically operating from 9am (they probably have all their items out at around 9:30/10) to 6pm at each location.

  • Tuesday: Westgate Shopping Mall in Westlands (the upper car park) relocated to Kijabe Street opposite the Norfolk Hotel

  • Wednesday: Capital Centre on Mombasa Road near the airport

  • Thursday: Nakumatt Junction Shopping Mall on Ngong Road

  • Friday: Village Market in Gigiri (the upper car park)

  • Saturday: The High Court parking lot in the city center (behind the Hilton)

  • Sunday: Yaya Centre in Hurlingham

Even though the one on Saturday is bigger, I actually don't like going that they because there are always hustlers that are trying to "guide" negotiate each area of the market for you. It's a bit overwhelming, especially if it your first time and every one is trying to harass you.

My favorite day is Sunday because it's closer, and I know more of the sellers theres

Standard Costs for Items

All prices are in KSH, so divide by 100 for USD.

Peter Ngomeri (0758381190): earrings, typically he will start you at 500, but usually if you buy more you can get him down to 300-400 per earrings

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Brenda (0723486193): necklaces and beaded wares, the normal circular necklaces are about 450-650, but some of the more fancy beaded necklaces can go up to 5000.

Kemsa Rajab (0721413822): woven baskets, the smaller raffa baskets are about 400 each, the bigger ones go up to 1500

Wooden Spoons/salad tossers: 300 each

Peter Gathoni (0724319367): brass jewelry, 400-600 per bracelete

Wooden bowls start at 500/600 and go up to 1500 depending on size

Woven bags: medium one 1000, big ones 1300-1500

Cross body bags with dashiki on top: 500

Paintings: 2000 to 6000, depending on size

Don't buy fabric at the masai market-- instead buy it at the Nairobi Textile Market in town, about 1300 for 6 meters.

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How to Pick out Kitenge Cloth

It's much easier to buy cloth in West than East Africa. However, you can buy a pretty good assortment of patterns in the Nairobi Textile markets and some places around Tanzania.

  • The normal swatches of cloth you see in the market, should be 6 meters of fabric. That can usually make 2-3 dresses.   In Ghana and Nigeria they will sell it to you by 3 meters, but usually not in Kenya. 
  • A reasonable price is $13 for 6 meters, but they probably will start haggling around $20-$25. 
  • Just because it's waxed doesn't necessarily mean it's more expensive. In fact, sometimes they wax the cloth to cover thinner material.
  • Hold it up to the light, and make sure you can't through it. 
  • Check if there is heavy bleeding from one edge of color to another. If there is, the dye they used is probably not good, and will fade quickly. 
  • Use nail polish remover to take off the sticky residue from giant stickers.