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Lagos can be overwhelming at first, especially with the heat the the traffic. Personally while I don’t feel that Lagos is an enjoyable city to be, there at a lot of nice places in Lagos to hang out and feel the vibes at.

Always stay in VI, there’s plenty of Airbnb’s in 1004 housing district as well. If you have to go to mainland, always take third mainland bridge.

Lekki Conservancy is always nice if it’s not too hot, and then you can swing by to Lekki Market. For 6 yards of better quality fabrics, get ready to pay 55k-65k, but you get can get it 35k-50k.

For a chilled afternoon or getting a group for sundowners, try Moist (yes the whole point of the name is to get you to talk about it.) For loungey, date vibes, with a little bit of dancing, go to RSVP. Things get more turnt up at Cubana and or Sip, but ladies, they probably won't let you in with flat shoes. I usually get away with it by saying I have feet problems.

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World renowned Senegalese New-York-based chef, Pierre Thiam did the menu for Nok, and the shop behind it, Alara is equally, if not more impressive. The House has some good cocktails

The Secret Place, has some really good music vibes, from Baltimore house to Afrobeats. For authentic paella and homemade ravioli, try La Taverna.

For brunch, check out the chicken and waffles at Craft Gourmet by Lou Baker, or bring your laptop and get some work done at Eric Kayser. You can even spend an hour or two at Nike art gallery-- the higher you go, the more it looks like an abandoned warehouse. Best art is on the bottom 2 floors.

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