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When I come to Johannesburg I often cannot tell whether I am in Africa or if I am in Brooklyn. The nice parts of Johannesburg are brand new, clean, and almost European in their design. However the disparity is very real and the poor parts can be almost jarring. The first question everyone asks about safety in Johannesburg, and I feel that everyone is overreacting. You won't get mugged if you stop at a robot (South African for stoplight) at night, and you CAN walk places. In the less gentrified areas, I would just be smart about where you're keeping things, and just use common sense about going out at night. 

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On the weekend head down to neighborgoods to feast on local gin, sweets,  meats and everything your stomach could desire! There's also a smaller but still interesting boutique market that often has great deals. I got two kitanga skirts for 100 rand! 

Afterwards, move over to Arts on Main, to see the up and coming creativity in SA.  If you have time on Sunday, you can even go to the farmer's market, but fresh produce is everywhere in jozi! 

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Marble is pricey but fantastic for drinks. Good place to be seen. From there, move to urbanologi for Asian inspired tapas in a casual setting. For clubs, taboo is bougie and dancey, but if you wanna go wild try gay club Babylon! Harim is right next door if that's not your slice of cake. 

Tasha's is a staple for brunch and massive healthy salads. If you need a co-working space, I would recommend OPEN in Maboneng, or SLOW in Sandton.

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The houses are massive and actually quite cheap if you're looking to buy, though you'll lose on the rand. I enjoyed staying in the Parktown North because it was equidistant to my meetings in Sandton and the more cultural stuff down south. If you're visiting for work, and you need something close to Sandton, the Marion on Nicol is a boutique hotel with an impeccable level of service.


· The Leopard

· Warm & Glad

· Parkview Croft

· Parkhurst The National

· Illovo Good Luck Club

· Cornutti Stella e Luna (Parkhurst)

*Lunch spots*

·        Nice Café Parkhurst

·        Daleah’s Braamfontein

·        Warm & Glad

·        Selva

*Work Spots*

·        Standard Bank Incubator

·        Post Cafe

·        Motherland Coffee Rosebank

*Essential Sights*

·        Nirox Sculpture Park

·        Apartheid Museum

·        Mandela’s House

·        Constitution Hill

·        Goodman Gallery

·        Musuem Africa

·        Turbine Art Fair

·        Wits Arts Museum

*Evening Spots*

·        Melville

·        Kitcheners Comedy Club

·        Braamfontein

·        Ace & Pearl Wine Bar